Monday 15 October 2012

City of Fallen Angels

4 Stars/5

City of Fallen Angels starts 6 weeks after City of Glass, Clary is training to be a shadow hunter, Alec and Magnus are on holiday and Luke and Jocelyn are about to get married. But not everything is happily ever after Shadow hunters are being murdered and people are targeting Simon but no one knows why.

While I really like this book I did not love it mostly it is because it is a bit slower than the first 3 which had action all the way through them, while City of Fallen Angels not much happen until the last quarter.

However the characters are still a strong point in this book especially Simon who is much more of a main character in this book. He is coming to terms with having the mark of Cain and being a daylighter, while dating both Maia and Isabelle and does not know how to tell them about each other. Simon has also been offered a deal by the head of the New York coven Camille but does not know whether to trust her or not plus there is a new member of his band called Kyle but is he all that he seems.

Jace and Clary just cannot catch a break, while this should be their HEA but things are just not going their way. Jace is suffering nightmares about hurting Clary and cannot deal with his feeling about Valentine. But instead of talking to Clary he distances himself from her, making her think he does not love her.

Overall this is a very go read and while it is a bit slow it is worth it to see all the characters we love again. I do love how they have intermingled the infernal devices series into this one while giving to much away about what happens init. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the first 3 of the mortal instruments series. 

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