Friday 12 October 2012

Hope's Daughter

4 Stars/5

Cassie has always felt that she is the same as everyone else on the SS Hope until she talks to her class mate Balik and she feels that he is the only one who understands her, meanwhile teenagers are eloping without saying goodbye to their friends and while investigating this Cassie finds that she has a unique ability that could change her life forever.

Hope’s daughter is a really good YA dystopia and while at first is seems not very original, it is actually fascinating and really creepy at the same time. This book has a really good pace although a bit too fast at the end and has a good mix of romance, action and suspense.

I really like Cassie as she is nice and relatable and acts realistically when things in this book happen. Balik is a really good character who is a bit mysterious at the beginning and as we go through the book we see he is really brave and caring.

The one thing I feel that is missing in this book is that I could not connect to the secondary but I feel that Cusick-Jones will improve on this in her next book. I would recommend Hope’s Daughter to people who like Young Adult dystopian books. 

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