Monday 22 October 2012

The Golden Lily

5 Stars/5

The Golden Lily starts of a few weeks after the events of Bloodlines with Sonya, Demitri and Adrian are experimenting with spirit, Sydney’s teacher Ms Terwilliger is trying to convince her to learn magic and Sydney is summoned to meet the alchemists. This book is more action packed than Bloodlines with people attacking Sonya and Sydney realising how vulnerable she really is.

Sydney is more conflicted in this book as she has grown close to people she has been taught to hate and fear and how to go about protecting them without going against her beliefs.

I love how Mead writes her romance in this series and how you route for them to be together, yet you don’t know how the situations will allow them too.

I like how even more characters are back from the VA series and how this changes the dynamic of the group. However I did feel that Jill in this book is not as much of a main character in this one, but it could be that there are more characters in this one.

Even though the plot was a bit predictable I really love this series and would recommend it to fans of the Vampire Academy series

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